Harvest, score and analyse any research output

  • Publication Harvesting
  • Custom research output model
  • Institutional profiling
  • Performance analysis
  • Academic benchmarking
  • Institutional respository & OAR
Completely configurable research output profiles

Every organisation captures and measures research outputs in their own way. ARP provides a core research output model out of the box with the flexibility to customise it for your own need

Fast efficient capture

Eliminate the burden of data capture through contemporary UI and automated API imports.

Capture data once and use many times over

Dramatically reduce the amount of duplicate data entry through a centralised research output profile.

Reuse data organisation wide

Expose data securely across the institution to empower your organisational units.

Automate your publication harvesting

For researchers

  • Publications can be claimed automatically
  • Record your affiliations in one location
  • Link any type of research output to funding
  • Analyse your research strengths
  • Control your online profiles

For administrators

  • Ingest publication data from any API or database source
  • Open Access Repository (OAR) compliance
  • Import and manage open access rules
  • Clean, efficient data capture for a high quality institutional repository
  • Research output verification
  • Compare research outputs and benchmark metrics

Analyse your research domain and promote collaboration organisation wide

  • Visualise department and program strengths
  • Showcase your dominant research stregnths
  • Identify funding shortfalls across programs
  • Map resaerch skillsets and methodologies
  • Researcher tooling to locate like or complementary skills

Assess, compare and report research metrics and impact

Assess research metrics for the executive, department comparisons, ranking submissions or researcher performance.

Executive reporting

Tailored, customisable reporting for department, executive and board level insights.

Invesigator benchmarking

Benchmark academic performance against their piers for internal promotion, development and alternative funding opportunities.

Research Evaluation and Impact

Configure weighting rules against research output for whole or organisation analysis and reporting (your way).

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