Genuine best of breed systems that require minimal customisation and configuration


More than metadata, our systems deliver value out of the box and directly reduce overheads by cutting through organisational silos

Client focused

We are a collaborative company that values our agility and system flexibility

Endpoint IQ is business as usual during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our FAIR Sight platform is helping teams across the globe track response and disease progression for those affected.
Our research administration solutions are enabling our clients to work remotely and maintian operations during this difficult time.

End to end software; built by the sector, for the sector

Endpoint IQ originated from a lack of fit for purpose, off-the-shelf research management software. Requirements were simple:

  • be purpose built,
  • support every aspect of research management via a single vendor
  • offer a single source of truth, eliminating integration headaches
  • did not require expensive customisation and configuration,
  • eliminate siloed, unstructured information across the organisation,
  • lowered administrative burden (and cost) for all stakeholders
  • increased organisational governance
  • enterprise grade, scalable and secure.

With over 10 years of ongoing investment in our products, Endpoint IQ software achieves all these objectives. We are proud to be backed by the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and ultimately our profits are redirected back into research to benefit the entire community.

Our mission is to be a trusted software provider to the global market, bringing value and strategic benefits to organisations of all sizes.

We're passionate

We are passionate about becoming a globally trusted and respected software provider.

We're agile

We pride ourselves on innovation and our ability to respond rapidly and constructively to client requirements.

Value-add out of the box

Our systems are process driven and designed to reduce administrative overheads. They deliver value out of the box, avoiding expensive customisation, integration and implementation fees.

Customer service

Our experience and know-how of the sector and willingness to listen yields ongoing success. All clients (large and small) have direct input into ongoing product development through our communities.

Research Management

Research management involves a broad spectrum of administrative functions, reporting and governance requirements. Endpoint IQ spans the entirety of these functions with an online, single source of truth that also enables distributed, remote work environments in complex organisational settings.

Save your staff time answering questions that our software systems can answer!


Manage all aspects of your projects (grants, commercial, HDR students) from opportunity to final acquittal. Seamlessly navigate project financials, invoicing, milestones, contracts management and workflows in one system.

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Research approvals come in many forms (Ethics, risk assessment, biosafety) and are approved by a variety of management groups and committees. Conduit empowers organisations to systemise these often complex workflows and consolidate the deluge of associated information and peripheral systems into one platform.

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Over expenditure and misallocated project expenditure plagues many organisations. WebGet enables funds control and validated cost centre access to overcome this challenge. When configured with organisational delegations, WebGet significantly enhances governance, compliance and unnecessary journaling!

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Configure, capture and analyse research outputs according to your organisations KPI's. Produce metrics, track research impact and report internally or externally. Automate publication harvesting and claiming to build, analyse and share research output profiles.

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Our modules can be licensed individually or as a single, highly integrated platform.

Data Management

Endpoint IQ is enabling data science globally

Storing, linking and analysing different types of data from many sources requires advanced IT skills. That doesn't come cheaply and doing it yourself is risky.

Add in all these capabilities and costs begin to escalate fast!

Survey builder
Sample data
SMS/Email invitations
Equipment data
Longitudinal datasets
Personal information
Genomic metadata
Reference libraries
Project Event Triggers
Animal models
Clinical information

Endpoint IQ has packaged these requirements in a single online platform designed to be used by non IT professionals and without the price tag. With the help of countless research teams, we have transformed this vision into a reality for users across the world.

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