Take control and optimise procurement across the organisation

  • Allow all users to order goods
  • Supplier contract management
  • Integated with leading finance packages
  • Configure delegation of authority
  • Analyse project spend against budgets
  • Link ordering to risk assessments
No more project over-expenditure

Ensuring research projects are not overspent is critical to organisations of all sizes. WebGet checks project funding levels before purchases orders are imported into your finance system.

Efficient requisitioning

Research teams can procure items faster through systemised approval workflows. All users have full visibility over current and required approval steps.

Peace of mind

Have the confidence that purchase order policies and funding agreements are being fully complied with.

Configurable approval steps

Let WebGet automatically control your organisational approvals based on the type and size of each order.

Out of the box compliance

Allow users at any level within the orgnisation to order items with the peace of mind that delegations of authority are being followed.

Eliminate expenditure misalocation

WebGet ensures users can only procure items on accounts they have access to. In doing so no-one can spend erroneously on your accounts anymore.

Eliminate ordering delays

For researchers

  • Take control or delegate your lab ordering
  • Only your expenditure will be recorded against your proects
  • Distribute large spends across different projects
  • Real time self service allows you to check your order approvals online
  • Order directly from the supplier catalogue with punchout

For administrators

  • Optimise your supply chain and reduce administrative overheads
  • Transparent procurement process with full approval history for every order
  • Pass audits with flying colours through robust process workflow
  • Eliminate overexpenditure and funds misallocation
  • Maintain store inventory orders
  • Analyse spending trends and KPIs

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