FAIR Sight

FAIR Sight is a cross industry platform empowering organisations to acquire, secure and maximise the value of their data assets

  • Powerful online survey builder
  • Longitudinal participant records
  • Automated participant and study management
  • Location based analysis
  • Link and analyse people, survey and other datasets
  • Rich data insights and visualisation
  • Programmable survey feedback for participants
Endpoint IQ is offering free licenses to FAIR Sight for anyone conducting COVID-19 research.

Used globally for automating data acquisition and analysis

COVID-19 Response

Daily or hourly follow-up for affected users helps track disease progression and build longitudinal profiles. Real-time alerts for users guide healthcare advice and prompt action. Location based questions to aid compliance and contact tracing.

Clinics and practices

Psychologists, VETS, surgeons, sports clinics and GP's - integrate with your PMS to understand your patients journey and expand data insights

Research Groups

From students to senior professors, use FAIR Sight to acquire rich data and keep everything together. Comply with ethics committes and have confidence your secure

Health services

Replace your open source solutions with a supported, enterprise grade data management platform. Track patient outcomes and disease progression.

Industry associations

Acquire data from your members who you want to survey. Integrate with leading CRM for advanced market analysis

Create secure, scalable online databases without IT!

Clean, user friendly tools give non-IT based users the ability to create surveys, data models and perform study management tools in one easy to use, low cost package. No need to hire database developers and we're here to support you over the long term!

No more information silos

Eliminate risky excel worksheets and Access databases that are poorly structured and insecure.

Confidently manage your projects

Have the confidence that your projects are being managed efficiently and important milestones are not missed.

Reduce IT costs

Reduce IT overheads needed to support open source software, legacy DB's and clunky integration between systems.

No more missing data

Overcome corporate memory loss and high support costs that occur when key staff move on.

Flexible and intuitive survey builder

Give your organisation a professional look and acquire data from your study participants via a powerful and easy to use survey builder. Configure the system to invite participants and automatically send follow up surveys (ie 3, 6, 12 months) to build an extremley rich, longitudinal database for analysis.

  • Standard and advanced question types
  • Respondant location mapping
  • Skip & show/hide logic
  • Image heatmaps (pain intensity diagrams)
  • Inbuilt consent workflows
  • Score, weight and analyse responses in real-time
  • Mobile friendly and professional UI
FAIR compliant and HREC friendly

Regulators are tightening the screws on organisations managing publicly funded research datasets.

Granular security access

Permission based data access controls at the user, group, organisation or collaborator levels.

Stay on top of study follow ups

Large studies require tens of thousands of follwups and invitations. Centralise notifications and automate communication with participants

Consistent and correct

Overcome flaky and insecure integrations between key data acquisition and analysis tools

Configurable notifications

Configurable in-app, email or SMS notifications and escalation pathways for key events and processes

Trusted Hosting

Information is stored securely in Microsoft Azure enterprise grade infrastructure.

Real time analysis

Data is acquired in real-time and is transformed and warehoused according to the scale of your organisation or project. This structures your data so it can be stored optimally for ongoing analysis. Our clients ranges from private health clinics to international research consortia.

Longitudinal (time-based) history

Link survey data, with any other dataset in the system and maintain participant history over months or years.

Participant response

The system can be configured to interpret results and provide real-time reports back to participants. For example

Real-time results

Review submissions and data acquisitions in real-time.

HL7 Messaging

HL7 messaging provides direct integration with Practice Management systems (PMS) or Hospitals Service Buses.

Automated project management

Management of projects involving hundreds of participants can be daunting. FAIR Sight methodically organises participant milestones and follow up actions, such that project managers will never miss a milestone. Many of these tasks can be automated, such as sending a survey invite to a new participant that has been recently included in the study

  • Setup triggers to automate project management functions
  • Manage multiple concurrent projects across the lab or organisation
  • Project management view gives complete oversight of action items and milestones
  • SMS and email invitations based on study events (such as a new patient created in the PMS)
  • Built for large scale teams with external collaborations

Collect and link any kind of data

FAIR Sight allows you to seamlessly link an endless amount of data types according to your specialty. Let the system automatically take over and organise your data in a structured, secure way. Under the hood it looks a little like this ...

If your model can't be found, no worries ... simply use the dataset designer to create custom data structures which are automatically linked to participants and surveys.

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